Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning and happy Friyay!

Here are the Mind-boggling answers from yesterday:

  1. Not maid for the job:  The maid watered all plants without realising they were fake.  By the time the owner came home, their carpets were covered in water.
  2. Record High: The highest recorded temperature at the South Pole is still below freezing.

Switch on those brains ready for today’s learning.



Yesterday you would have developed a plan for writing your own myth based on your chosen Ancient Wonder of the World.  I hope you came up with a scary monster that your hero has to defeat. 

Today I would like you to write, and edit your myth.  As you edit (either with a parent/ guardian or an older sibling) I would like you to rate your work.  I’m sure you will all be aim for exceptional work so please read the editing checklist before you being writing.

Friday 19th June-Literacy



Today I would like to you examine the Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation in the pamphlet - The Urban Wildlife Trust.  

Friday 19th June-Guided Reading

Guided Reading-Answers




Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete Summer term – Week 8, Lesson 5 – Maths Challenge.



Once you have finished that login to Mathletics.

 Friday 19th June - Maths




Even though myths are usually passed down orally – detail in the story allows your mind to imagine vividly the Monster and Hero in the epic battle scene.  Today I would like you to draw your Hero and Monster based on your descriptive writing in Literacy.

Here are some videos to help:


How to draw a Greek God

How to draw a mythical creature



Today will be my last blog post – as I will be meeting my new baby boy at some point next week.  I would like to thank-you for allowing me to teach you in your final year at Primary School, I have really enjoyed the time we have spent together learning and discovering new things.  We have definitely had some laughs along the way and unexpected learning experiences.

I am sure secondary school seems daunting at the moment – but I am positive each of you will tackle the new challenges with the same enthusiasm and creativity you have shown the in classroom.


Happy learning and have a wonderful weekend  J