Friday 15th May 2020

Hello Everybody!

For today's Literacy task I would like the children to practise writing their name. So why not send yourself a letter?

When your letters are delivered by the post person your child should be extremely excited.


You will need:

  • Some pencils and some paper
  • Some envelopes
  • Some postage stamps

To play:

  • ​​Explain to your child that you are going to semd a letter to their favourite toy. 
  • Get them to draw a picture or make a card,
  • They can practise writing their name.
  • While your child is busy doing that , write a card or letter to them explaining how proud of them you are during the unprecedented time of the pandemic.
  • Put your cards or drawings into the envelope and pop a stamp on.
  • Go to the local post box or post office and post the letters.

My Washing up seems to be endless at the moment and my cutlery draw appears to be a mess so I thought I would apply this situaution to today's Maths activity. So here is a sorting activity. It's called CUTLERY Sort out.


If you have a cutlery tray, tip all the forks, spoons  and knives (not sharp ones) onto a blanket or towel.

Pop the empty tray beside the cutlery and ask your child to sort it all into the right place. 


Understanding the World

Over the weekend or today why not make a Bear and Doll Hospital.

You can do this with five teddies or dolls and a cheap packet of plasters and toilet roll.

Use some cushions and blankes to make five little beds for the toys. Your child then attends to the poorly toys.



Best wishes

Miss Bagnall